A Young Up-And-Comers Perspective on Logistics

Point of view : Timothy Gilman

Coming from a strong sales background, I have worked in many business to business and business to consumer sales environments during my career. When I received a call from the president of RM Logistics offering me a position to work in logistics sales, I was uncertain about the offer. I had no idea as to what logistics was, but I was attracted by the possibility of a career with long term perspectives. I was not mistaken.

The people that I have met and had a chance to work with in the world of transportation has, at times, elevated my mood and discouraged it; however, it has never been dull.

The objective of my articles will be to project my appreciation of the industry and the value of working with a 3PL for your logistics needs. I will also give some insight on the topics and skills that I have learned throughout my trials and tribulations as a transport consultant.

Although Logistics is not the most ideal industry in the world, it is one of the oldest and definitely most important in my opinion. Many industry veterans say, « if you can make it in the world of logistics, than you can make it anywhere. » Throughout my articles I will be discussing the ins and outs of the trucking industry, by providing tips and tricks. Hopefully this will assist you in facilitating and optimizing the service you are providing your business partners. Please subscribe to receive updates of our blog.