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About RM Logistic

About us

  • Originally created in 2004 in Montreal, RM Logistic began by offering consulting services in the field of transportation.
  • The organization has a staff of twenty and serves over 400 clients across North America. As a leading economic player since 2004, RM Logistic is committed to providing personalized, transparent and accessible service to each of its business partners. The organization offers its customers many advantages based on an internally developed ERP system that allows for the automation of all RM Logistic activities.

Our values

RM Logistic exists first and foremost to meet the needs of its partners. Organizational values represent what we believe in, that guide us in achieving our mission, and drive our actions. It is what we want to achieve together in order to reach our goals.

  • Commitment:  RM Logistic is a committed organization made up of passionate business people, employees and suppliers with a strong sense of belonging. Commitment guides the actions of the team and its leaders in building a strong and proud organization.
  • Collaboration: At RM Logistic, there is strength in numbers! Through its vast network, the partnerships it develops and the close relationships it maintains with the players in the field, organization advocates collaboration. Whether it is between partners or between employees, everyone helps each other and calls upon each other to put in place all the conditions that are favourable to the operation of our activities.
  • Creativity and freedom: RM Logistic stimulates and energizes the economic environment through its initiatives. It explores and discovers new opportunities in order to positively distinguish itself in the business world. Through its team’s expertise and know-how, the organization acts proactively in an evolving environment.
  • The human at the heart of our actions: RM Logistic relies on the quality of human relations and adapts its actions according to the needs of its partners. It has a human approach based on listening, respect and trust. The organization values individuals, since for it, it is human contact which is the most important.
  • Transparency: RM Logistic has developed an in-house ERP system that is adapted to the needs of its partners, while ensuring that it is transparent. This means that all information from each step of the process is available to members in real time. The organization relies on its employees to maintain this value in their communications with RM Logistic’s partners and suppliers.
  • Rigor: RM Logistic operates in an unpredictable business. When times are tough, the organization stands out from the competition because of the proactivity of its employees. This allows RM Logistic to strengthen the bonds of trust with its partners.

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