A Day in the Life of a 3pl Logistics expert in Montreal

A Day in the Life of a 3pl Logistics Broker

6 am – Just walked into the office and checked all my e-mails.  Then traced all of my refrigerated transportation shipment, seeing how most of these have early morning deliveries these need to be handled with high priority.

7 am – Begin making my schedule for the day, as well as ensuring that all of my transportation shipping quotes have been properly entered and my agenda for the calls and follow-ups for that day are entered.

8 am – This is when I follow through calling all of my existing clients in Toronto and Montreal. These calls will consist of seeing what is being shipped on that day, as well as getting an evaluation on the freight quotations that we had provided on the previous afternoon.

9 am – Load tracings, this is the most crucial time of the day and will probably designate how smoothly the morning will go. In a perfect world everything has picked up, will pick up, has delivered or will deliver on time.

9:30 am – Everything is going well, all shipments are on schedule. Today will be a good day.

11:00 am – Just got a call from a refrigerated carrier, his trucks has flat tire he is 100 miles away from the delivery. Slight fire to estinguish.

11:05 am – I called my client and explained the situation.  Although they were not pleased, I reassured them that they were in good hands and that we will take care of everything. Now is when 3PL logistics companies in Montreal strive under high pressure and a strict deadline.

11:30 am – Fire extinguished. We’ve rescheduled the delivery appointment, and the trucker is having his flat tire changed.

12:00 pm – Lunch time.

12:05 pm – Back at my desk, this morning was extremely productive and I have received a lot of quote requests. I will spend this time finding the best price and sending my clients the rates.

1:15 pm – Still no response from my clients, time to hit the phones.

1:30 pm – Hard getting in touch with my Montreal shippers, they must be still eating lunch.

1:35 pm – A client called me because he loved my price said it was going to move today and he needed it picked up ASAP.

1:45 pm – I finally got in touch with my truck, but he said I made him wait too long and booked it with someone else. I cant be mad at him.

1:46 pm – Time to hit the phones and find a new truck.

2:00 pm – Done, truck booked, load covered, thanks logistics coordinators! My ops team has pulled through as usual.

2:01 pm – Repeat

2:15 pm – Cold calls

3:15 pm – Cold calls

4 pm – Meeting with my Business Development manager. We are preparing the strategy to position equipment for key accounts.

5 pm –  Final load tracings to make sure everything will go smoothly for after hours pick ups.

6 pm – On my way home to get some sleep because tomorrow we will be doing this all over again.