Letters from a Logistics Lifer…

Point of view : Pat Bourdon

There’s something distinct in the eyes of a transportation professional. I can pick one out of a crowd from a mile away*. A subtle mix of analytical thought, perseverance, healthy cynicism and a caffeine / stress induced twitch. A gleam that is both an indicator of the personality traits required within the transportation logistics industry, and a symptom of their application. I know them well.

Past experiences

Back in 2003 when I applied for an Inbound Documentation Rep job with steamship line APL, an international ocean shipping company, I had no idea that I was not just accepting a job but also beginning a career. Armed with little knowledge of the industry but a curiosity that would keep me moving I had found a perfect fit. I have since worked in transportation logistics in Vancouver, handling inbound ocean container shipping and in M&R assessing claims and providing service recovery for incidents involving freight containers. After that I handled imports from the far east for an international freight forwarding company in Montreal before moving on to RM Logistic.

Working with a dynamic team

I now find myself the Operations Manager of a young dynamic ops team that is instrumental in driving this successful truck brokerage company forward to be a leader in 3pl shipping.

My posts in the RM Logistic blog will vary from informative pieces from outside the trucking world to commentary on news and events within the Trucking, 3pl and international ocean shipping industries.

Whether you’re a lifer like myself or simply just stopping by, welcome, enjoy and comment if you want.

Actual mileage may vary depending weather the biller or payer calculated it… 🙂