Freight Brokers or Logistics Facilitators?

Point of view : Carl Bissonnette

Over the years, working in the 3PL industry gave me the opportunity me to meet incredible people. The spectrum of tasks that those people were assigned to complete were as broad as the different personalities I’ve encountered. With RM Logistic, I’ve realized that I’m starting to see myself more as a logistics facilitator than only a freight broker.

Different enterprises will need different logistics solutions: there are many situations when using a 3PL, like RM Logistic, will save you time, headaches and most importantly, money.

Here are a few examples :

  • When traffic is only one of the many tasks a person is asked to complete (i.e. warehouse inventory, purchasing, operations…), usually it means it wouldn’t be profitable to hire someone only for this job. Hiring a 3PL partner has the advantage of having an expert at finding the best way to ship your products, and only pay him when you need him!
  • When equipment availability on specific lanes becomes volatile, it is a great ressource to have your logistics facilitators’ network available to increase your success in finding the right equipment, at the right location, for the best rate possible!
  • When your sales are done through contracts (i.e. construction materials), you might have a surge in shipping to a certain location you’ve never shipped before (and maybe won’t ship to again). Your 3PL partner will ensure you are paying the best market rate for the lane and that all specifications of your loads will be met. Then, when you move on to the next contract, your transportation expert already knows all the specs for your next lane helping costs reduction!

As you can see, having a 3PL partner to work on some specific shipments with will have many advantages and will result in profitable solutions for almost any enterprises.

Through the RM Logistic Blog, you will have an insight on how the logistics industry can be used to your own advantage.