Specialized Logistics is Exciting!

RM Logistic

As a part of the 3pl shipping, logistic and transport industry, we at RM Logistic, freight brokerage firm, are always looking forward in expanding our network of relationships. Unlike common carriers which generally offer fixed predetermined rates, RM Logistic offers freight brokerage services that will get the clients the best possible rates within the required parameters. These parameters may include, pick up and delivery times, specialized equipment types, appointment taking and tracing calls.

A dynamic and resourceful team

As one of the ‘’transportation logistics inc.’’ of the industry, we always thrive to push ourselves further to surpass our clients needs and expectations. We are a young dynamic, resourceful team up to date with all transportation logistics technology, like carrier performance rating, route optimization and best price searches all within our proprietary TMS. This assists us in giving superior service that often leads us to work in the niche market of specialized services where only a few companies can compete.

Point of view : Alexandre Giroux

My curious nature and attention to detail has led me to focus on the niche market of project freight requiring specialized equipment such as oversize and overweight flatbed, step deck, drop decks and RGN’s. Also included in my portfolio of uncommon freight transportation is temperature controlled loads in odd locations and hazmat across North America.

In my blog articles I will discuss the upsides, the downsides and the ideals in working within these particular fields of the vast world of logistics and transport. Amongst this there will be also detailed information about equipment types, dimensions and how they operate. Hopefully these details later to be discussed will assist you in optimizing the service you and your business partners need. Please subscribe to receive updates of our blog.