Logistics LTL Friday Advice

It’s Friday and that means most carriers are on their way home. How does that affect your freight? 

If you’ve got outbound freight prepare early because by end of morning your outbound, Monday delivery options, will most likely be gone or really really expensive.

Once noon rolls around you’d be wise to plan your Monday shipments. The early bird gets the first worm, so if you’re prepared, Monday morning you’ll be able to book all your outbound at great rates for the week.

RM logistic purchasing department

At the RM logistic purchasing department in Montreal, operations likes to manage LTL carriers by lane, pick days and drop days which makes it extremely efficient when it comes to booking last minute loads hot off the production line. They have a pool of dry van, reefer, flat bed and specialized equipment to go to and would also recommend you hold a palette or 2 an extra day and move more freight in order to save.

Most carriers charge more on the first 2-4 skids so rather than always pay premium for one or two skid hold off for a bigger shipment. By end of year this will represent thousands of dollars in savings, all of which you should donate to your preferred broker!

Have a nice weekend.