Make Transportation Appointments – Move More Loads

Who books your truckload appointments?

Do you like to micromanage your loads and go through the hassle of booking appointments. Seriously? Think about it for a minute! Your inbox is full you’ve got loads moving out of your warehouse all over the country, maybe all over the continent and maybe even all over the world, your sales force is pushing you to get rates so they can include them in their costs and also pushing you to move their orders… are you really thinking about that appointment for a partial load going to nowhere?

You know that load that will give you headaches for days because you forgot to make an appointment and the load got returned to you or the load that costs you more in waiting time than actually getting it to destination?

RM Logistics doesn’t ask you, they coordinate shipping and receiving processes with carriers at distribution centers and warehouses for you!

Appointments are too often overlooked when it comes to getting lane rates. It is however, probably, the most important element of the load cycle. A proper appointment enables carriers to be more efficient with their time and warehouses or DC’s to staff labour accordingly. The clients’net benefit is he moves out more loads and doesn’t get unexpected surcharges.  The net benefit to the carrier is that they move more loads in less time.

Here’s how Appointment Scheduling works at RM Logistics

  • Our carriers and suppliers easily schedule appointments using electronic data interchange (EDI) or a Web interface. If you don’t work this way we can go old school, telephone!

That’s it! no other steps. Unnecessary to tell you that our logistics team will book an appointment and follow supplier and carrier until it is done as per the agreement.  That means if lumpers are needed our carriers come with cash $, your load get’s picked and dropped, you don’t have any headaches and pay 1 price.

More return on investment (ROI)

At the end of the year what do you estimate has more ROI (return on investment)? Saving 50$ on a load to get the cheapest guy out there and deal with all the headaches?  Or pay 3-5% more and dedicate 100% of your time to what you actually need to be doing?