The Sharpest Tool in Montreal for Logistics

The sharpest tool in your shop is your RM Logistics Consultant!

Its 4Pm on a Friday in Montreal and your production is just finishing up on a last minute order you need delivered on Monday morning in Dallas. Your usual carrier’s outbound equipment is all booked up since Wednesday and most of their drivers want to be home for the weekend but you need your product in Dallas, on Monday, first hour.

In the transportation logistics business, relationships and contacts are the keys to success. Transport brokers know who to call at 4PM on a Friday to make sure your weekend is spent doing the things you want to do rather than loosing sleep over loads that are not being picked up. They know when a carrier has extra space on an inbound from New Mexico or that a delayed shipment suddenly becomes available as a full load for you.

Logistics consultants otherwise 3PL’s are a free extension to your transportation department and you only pay them when they provide you with a wining solution. In other words 100% of your investment is cost efficient to you! Furthermore they are consolidating shipments and eliminating useless miles to ensure you are always paying competitive rates rather than, safe, inflated, fixed costs!

Point of view : Jason Malo

My background is in Sales and Marketing. With a degree in Fashion marketing I entered the Montreal fashion business on September 11th 2001. Needless to say my first day in the industry will be marked for ever. I have been a key account manager for a leading technology corporate reseller as well as a creative in an ad agency…  What I bring to the transport/3pl business is a thorough understanding of the needs of a shipper and consignee having been either or for several years.

The challenge is a constant one which pays off with a satisfied customer base! I will be bringing you the view of an outsider working from the inside and demonstrate the pros of the logistics broker!

Check in to see how we will find innovative ways of efficiently doing an age old trade, that of getting you the things you want or need by means of ltl, ftl, dry, reefer, flat bed, ocean, intermodal…call it what you like its logistics to me!