Weather VS Transit Time

With all this technology available to us today to trace Ftl and LTL shipments, forecast accurate transit time and manage the dispersion of a truck fleets all across North America, one would think that our job would be slightly easier! The only thing with all these technological advancements is that we still can’t control the weather with it…

Each season will bring different challenges to a 3PL and logistics specialist. If you need to be extra careful with your fresh produce from California during a July heat wave, you’ll also need to make sure the liquid glue you carry in the dead of winter won’t freeze when going through the prairies in a blizzard in February.

Although we’ve been enjoying warmer temperatures in the last months around the Montreal area, this won’t last! Snow storms, freezing rain and blocked highways due to heavy snowfalls soon (it already started in some states and provinces…) will become daily challenges. This is where all this instant data available will help us maintain adequate transit times between destinations.

Let’s be positive! In a blink of an eye, snow storms and blizzards will be things of the past. With spring coming and the warmer temperatures slowly warming up our regions, the only thing that’ll be left between winter and barbeque season will be thawing season… and its challenges!